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I have never given Flat Rate moving my business nor will I ever give them my business after a terrible experience I had approximately 1 week ago. I was driving in front of a hotel going straight, specifically right beside the lobby entrance, when a Flatrate Moving Truck without looking or stopping drove out of the intersecting street that connected the hotel parking lot to the 7/11 and rammed into the back of my car.

The driver stated he wasn't paying attention and refused to give me any of his insurance information (Hence withheld his information), and luckily i was able to the pictures attached to my review to get the companies contact information.The accident was impossible for me to avoid due to not being able to see the driver pulling out because he was behind my car as you can see where the damage is and the driver pulling out and pinning my car between the curb that housed the ottoman of the hotel lobby. This is the first accident I have ever been in and the cops were not contacted due to this occurring in a parking lot and I thought they couldn't do anything because its private property (I wish I would have called them). This whole event led to me trying to contact the company and get it resolved over the next week but no one ever reached out to me via phone only email. 2 of the first emails I received was from their paralegal which stated she still had to talk to her supervisor, and the third one stating that after talking to their driver it was all my fault and that they would not be settling my claim.

Needless to say I am getting screwed over by them all because I didn't contact the police. If the police were contacted I very likely would not be in the situation I am in now. I just want to warn anyone who uses this company to be careful.

They obviously don't care about the mistakes their employees make and in my opinion will not work with any problems you may have. They are just lucky the driver wasn't going faster and didn't kill me because it very likely could have happened under different circumstances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flatrate Moving Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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